Fall is here and it is that time of year again to plan for the New England winter weather. Weather.com predicts a colder than average winter here in Massachusetts and many are speculating more snow than last year! Make this winter more tolerable by stocking our ice melt and alternative home heating products.

We stock CANAWICK premium hardwood pellets, logs and bricks to keep you warm all winter long! These alternative forms of energy provide a clean, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective heating solution that enhances the look of your fireplace and keeps you warm and comfortable. At 8,000 BTU, they have superior heating efficiency and burn hotter and cleaner than other brands from the home improvement stores.

After you have removed the deep snow, sprinkle premium performance snow and ice melt calcium chloride pellets on your driveway, walkways and steps to help keep your walkway and driveway clear. At Northeastern Fence, we stock only the best in alternative fuel and ice melt!