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Fence ToolsFence Tools

For “Do It Yourselfer’s” and Installation Professionals! Northeastern Fence has fence tools to make your fencing project easier.

Hog Ring Pliers Hog Ring Pliers
Squeezes hog rings into place - grooved jaws allow "slip proof" action.

Fence Pliers Fence Pliers
Good for general purpose cutting, bending and tying. Forged steel with vinyl grips.

Post Driver Post Driver
With the hand post driver; pound the posts into the ground!


Vinyl Fence NotcherVinyl Fence Notcher
This is a quality heavy duty tool with a chrome head and rubber grips.
The notcher is a full 18" long and weighs 2.5 lbs. Makes a clean 3/4" wide notch.

PulJak Puljak
Stretches any gauge with ease and allows free hands for bolting.

Power Pull Pow’r-Pull
Use for stretching fence and wire, lifting electrical fixtures, squaring wood/metal framing, tightening conveyor-belt, straightening collision damage, opening railroad-car doors, securing tent structures.

NU Boston Digger NU Boston Digger
This is the number one post hole digger sold! It is designed for medium to heavy commercial digging as well as residential digging. It contains carbon steel cutting blades which are heat treated and tempered for extra strength. Excellent in gravel or stoney type soils as well as dislodging stones, and cutting roots. The NU Boston Digger digs any size hole.

Perfection Diggers Perfection Digger
Designed for loamy
or light soils. The perfection digger comes with northern hardwood handles or red fiberglass handles.

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