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Alternative Fuel Winter Weather
Due to the increasing rise in heating costs homeowners are looking to ways in which they can save on energy bills.  Everyone can benefit from improving insulation and weatherproofing their homes; however more and more people are looking for alternative forms of home heating including stoves that burn wood, corn or pellets.  

premium wood pellet provides a renewable biomass energy source that is environmentally friendly, of consistently high quality, and is made from 100%wood products. GEO Bricks are a highly efficient alternative to firewood.  They are clean, made of 100% natural wood, and are a renewable fuel resource.
  • Burns Clean
  • High Heat
  • Efficient
  • Low Ash
  • Low Ash
  • Less Pollution
  • Twice the density of cordwood
Designed for heating but also ideal for fireplace ambiance.

These products are fuel materials composed solely of recycled natural wood. The raw material used comes from recycled mill residues of the primary or secondary processing of forestry products. These products are 100% natural wood. They contain no additives such as paraffin or other petroleum-derived products.
Power/ Ambiance Logs
Designed for the ambiance of a
fireplace and intense heating.
Power Wood Logs
Night logs
Extra long lasting heat
6-9 hoursNight Wood Logs

84 bundles per pallet, 10 logs per bundle. Our cedar logs are easy to start, burn efficiently and won’t spit or spark. They are the all-natural alternative to
pre-packaged manufactured logs made with petroleum waxes thus can be used in fireplaces, woodstoves, chimneys, firepits and campfires.


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